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Santiago Baker

Ableton Push 2 Dj Template

Finally, explore the various audio effects you can find in Ableton Live to provide your DJ live set with a more dynamic feel. There are customized audio effects specifically designed for DJing but, once again, you can build personalized effect templates to have more control over your performance. Effects such as EQ and Reverb work wonders, but more creative stock plugins like Beat Repeat and Echo are also perfect for live DJing.

Ableton Push 2 Dj Template

This comprehensive course can be streamed from the web 24/7/365. and comes with the completed DJ template for Live built during the course, a channel FX rack for shaping and glitching tracks and 100MB of bonus FX samples courtesy of Loopmasters. Check out the sample module below for an example of the course content.

With that in mind I wanted to give you a quick DJ setup for Ableton and the APC40. It sets you up with 2 tracks each with EQ, Reverb, Delay and Filter. Each track represents a CD Deck or Turntable & can easily be expanded to up to 8 tracks. Depending on if you want to work with a DJ mixer or strictly the APC40, this setup can be built from scratch in 10-15 minutes and saved as a template.

Fortunately, it's very simple to do. Anytime you have a project you wish to save as a template for later use, just save it inside your Live Library, in the folder named "Templates." The next time you want to start with that template, simply open it from that same folder. Ableton will open the template, creating a new set called "Untitled," and when you save this project it will not overwrite the template file. Another advantage is that you can drag your templates into existing Live sets. So imagine you are working on a song and you decide you want to use your Moog Slim Phatty. If you had a template set up with all the audio and midi routing set up, as well as maybe a few plugins you like to run the synth through, all you need to do is drag that template into your current set. Ableton will magically add that to your project! Such a great feature! Follow along in the video below as I demonstrate...


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