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Welcome to Dope L-EARNing

Wisdom, Wealth, & Financial Wellness for Women

The time is now. Take control of your life by taking control of your finances. 

About Us

Who We Are

Dope L-EARNing is redefining financial wellness for women. Financial education and intelligent planning for women lead to sustainable wealth. We teach women the fundamentals to create a better financial future. 

It’s time to change the narrative. At Dope L-EARNing, women just like you learn the essentials on how to master your money, be in financial control and create the life you deserve.

Why Dope L-EARNing?

The time is now to take control of your financial future. 

You don’t have to stress about money
You don’t have to hope your financial dreams will come true
You don’t have to depend on anyone else to control your financial future

 With our 4 step problem-solving formula L-EARN essential skills, tools, and resources to start managing your money and achieve your financial goals TODAY!

It's Our Time!

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Dope Learning Company is committed to helping women who are struggling with their finances. The company's goal is to help them establish generational wealth by teaching them how to make smart financial decisions and plan for the future. Dope Learning Company wants every woman to be financially literate, regardless of what her current situation looks like.

  • Committing to your monthly budget?

  • Creating and committing to a savings plan?

  • Rebuilding your credit?

  • Creating multiple streams of income?

Your finances are all over the place, right?

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Be Honest...

You're currently struggling with...

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Imagine if we were taught financial education based on these 4 universal symbols we learned in school. Our 4-Step Problem-Solving Formula is used to develop The Personal Financial Plan.

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Your Relationship with Money. The Root Cause of Your Financial Problems

  • What We Learn & See About Money at Home

  • Lack of Financial Education

  • Poor Money Decisions 

  • Limiting Belief Mindset 

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Take 100% Responsibility for Your Financial Situation

  • Seek Financial Education

  • Take Control/Responsibility of Your Finances

  • Create Your Personal Financial Plan, The Blueprint to Wealth Building

Make Your Money Work for You

  • Making Your Money Work for You

  • Multiple Streams of Income

  • Passive Income

Building Blocks to Financial Freedom & Generational Wealth 

  • Building Blocks to Financial Freedom

  • Continue Learning in Your Financial Journey

  • Sharing Your Financial Knowledge with Others

  • Giving

  • Generational Wealth

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Upcoming Events

  • Love & Money | Singles
    Love & Money | Singles
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Jun 28
    New York
    Jun 28, 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
    New York, 271 W 119th St, New York, NY 10026, USA
    Speed dating workshops/events presented by Stephanie Francis, CEO of Dope L-EARNing

Join Today

Fix Your Money Problems Course

Personal Finance Basics | Enroll Today

4 Week Course Using Our Problem-Solving Formula


Part I, will zero in on money challenges and missteps, specifically addressing why we make the decisions we make when it comes to money.

Part II, learn the simple problem-solving formula, practical tools, access resources, process, and apply the information to develop the personal financial plan.
Personal Financial Survey
Personal Financial Goals Template 
Financial Terms
Statement of Net Worth Template
Budget Template
Credit Analysis*/Credit Repair Template
Personal Financial Plan
Information, Resources, Networking Template
ONLY $299 OR $74.75 PER WEEK
TEXT #ready4dopelearning to 917.746.7246
Fix My Money Probelms


  • What is the Fix Your Money Problems (FYMP) Course?
    This is Dope L-EARNing’s flagship course beginning with the basics of personal finance. It is an opportunity for women to begin, reset, set financial goals and plan ahead with a personal financial plan.
  • Why is the 4 Step Problem-Solving Formula used in Dope L-EARNing?
    - + x ± = Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication, Division & Equal, are the basic universal mathematical symbols we know well. These symbols are used in our easy to follow personal financial plan to take control of your finances and reach your financial goals.
  • What type of support will I receive after I complete a course with Dope L-EARNing?
    Dope L-EARNing’s cohorts foster a community of L-EARNers where women remain connected to one another, network, share on-going resources and check-in with Dope L-EARNing facilitators on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Can I still have access once I complete the course(s)?
    Yes, access is good for the calendar year when you register for course(s).
  • Why is it important to become a member of Dope L-EARNing Community Talk and actively participate?
    The best way to L-EARN is through collaboration and community. We should not do this work of becoming financial savvy alone. We need one another to move forward to achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth.
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