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How to Use ALLYCAD 3.6 FREEWARE for Any Design Project - Tips and Tricks

Use standard or custom paper sizes. Cartesian or Surveyor coordinate systems (southern and northern hemisphere). Place origin point anywhere on the drawing. 256 pens (colours) plus user-defined background colour. 65,000 layers with layer names of up to 31 characters Metric, imperial and user units. Undo / Redo up to 1000 levels. Exceptionally fast zooms, pans and redraws. Display large bitmaps (600 MB ) with unbelievably fast zooms and pans (JPEG, GIF, PCX, TIFF, BMP). Cut and paste using the Windows clipboard. Link to live external drawings at any scale or position. Macro programming language with over 450 commands includes variables, loops, file handling, etc. Define dimension parameters such as pen, witness lines, arrow style, font. Geometry (construction) entities allow the precise layout of complex shapes. Draw points, lines, rectangles, arcs, circles, ellipses, polygons, sketch lines and cubic splines. Draw polylines with unlimited points and convert to 3 and 4 point Bezier curves. Draw up to 10 parallel lines (offset, line type, colour, width) in one operation with auto fillet and trim. Draw line-arc-line sequences. Text with full TrueType font support. Balloons with auto-numbering around one or two lines of text. Associative horizontal, vertical, slope, radial and angular dimensions with tolerances Associative ordinate dimensions Survey dimensions with distance and/or bearing. Associative hatching - solid fill, hatch patterns and monochrome symbols with auto-tracking and islands. Custom line styles such as fence, rail, telephone line. Auto tracking for parallel lines, areas and perimeters. Copy, move, rotate, mirror, scale and stretch. Trim, snip away, divide and extend arcs and lines. Double click to edit line type, colour and width. Convert linked lines to polylines. Align or distribute entities in horizontal and/or vertical planes. Chamfer two lines by offs/offset or offset/angle. Fillet two lines with a specified radius. Snip all items inside/outside a box, circle or polygon. Snip away a section of an arc or line. Extract and place detailed views to any scale. Symbol insertion with rotate, scale, mirror and auto snip of the underlying drawing (over 1500 included). Change symbols with fast search and replace. Select by mouse click, rectangle, polygon or filter. Select by attribute such as name, hatch, layer, style. Pick line types and text styles from existing entities on screen. Use any colour and line type on any layer or assign pens to layers. Highlight layers in different colours. Lock layers so that entities can not be accidentally changed or moved. Measure angles, areas, perimeters and distances. Save/export visible items, selected item, items on a layer, or all items. Read and write AutoCAD 10 through 2000 / LT DWG and DXF files. Read and write Caddie Exchange (.CEX) files. Read and write ArcView Shape (.SHP) files. Read HPGL (.PLT) and ASCII (.TXT) files. Import, scale and position drawings in the current drawing. Print/plot any part of a drawing at any scale or to fit. Output drawings to CAD or directly to printer/plotter with user-defined line thickness and colour.AllyCAD 3.6 Build 3 Limitations:

ALLYCAD 3.6 FREEWARE full version

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