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Santiago Baker

Sertec Pc 29 Driver Zip

In the last decade, Sertec has developed its product offering. It now offers a choice of primarily either conventional or dedicated bodies for specific applications and, as a manufacturer, it now offers a range of specific components, including tail and front sub frames for Land Rover vehicles, as well as new rocker-arm components for the PSA Group.

sertec pc 29 driver zip

Sertec is a global manufacturer of vehicle body shells. The business has a strong engineering and technical capability, providing the vehicle and chassis shells for Jaguar Land Rover and Ford. It is now a vital supplier of the bodies for the Jaguar E-PACE which is in full production.

The opportunity for the company to expand into new regions and the flexibility to adapt to global markets is now a reality thanks to the deal. Having been awarded the contract, Sertec will now have offices in Singapore, Thailand, Dubai and will look to further invest in talent and grow the business. The UK office will be a main driver of the company and that is where our attention will be focused. Customers will continue to have full access to the companys global network of sales and support.

The Managed EDI Service provided Sertec with a fast and reliable link to the manufacturer to process credit, debit and sales transactions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce downtime. The service also included a separate security certificate to enable the manufacturer to validate the SSL connection with all outbound data traffic.

Although Sertec was well versed in IT systems, the combination of development, manufacturing and corporate processes made communication a challenge. By linking the business processes with the manufacturers EDI service, Sertec was able to provide JLR, in real time, with accurate payments and stock information without incurring the costs associated with manual data entry.


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