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Colton Cox
Colton Cox

Revit Sample Project Free BEST

I decided to release a few free model resources to fill this gap in the industry, particularly with the goal of helping graduates and students looking for references of Revit best practices. Not only did I aim to release models with a resolved design that reflect a more typical project outcome, but also models that demonstrated well-structured data and secondary model use cases.

Revit Sample Project Free

I went on to produce a remake/redesign of the Advanced Sample Project, which I sell on my website (it is much more detailed and heavily documented, so targeted towards professional customers). This model is also significantly larger in scale and scope than the basic sample project remake, but Enscape has no problems rendering it in real time. As per the basic project, a careful model setup and efficiently built content helped to reduce the pressure the model exerts on the computer while it is real-time rendering in Enscape.

The tutorials in this module use following sample project. The sample project and tutorial files can be downloaded from the link below. Please ensure that you have access to the required files before starting.

Estimate costs through "Quick Quote" within Right-Radiant without drawing a floor plan. The Quick Quote mode was designed for a first pass assessment, a design-free way to estimate a project, complete with a bill of materials. View a sample Right-Radiant report.


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