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How To Buy A Necklace For Your Girlfriend

There are so many necklace styles available, it may be overwhelming. We have put a quick cheat sheet below to help you understand what they look like, what length they are best as, and who they would look good on.

how to buy a necklace for your girlfriend


Matching the shape of the neckline is a great way to accentuate an outfit rather than having the necklace clash. Is she big on low-cut or strapless tops? Go for a princess-length piece or a choker! This will show off her neck and shoulders best, without messing with the neckline created by her top.

Before you purchase, keep an eye out for what your girlfriend likes to wear every day. Her clothing style may inform the style of necklace you pick, but you can also see what she likes to wear in terms of jewelry length or style based on her current style.

This way, you can also avoid buying something she already has! While having a few similar necklace options is not the end of the world, if you want your gift to stand out you may want to take similarities from her everyday wear rather than copy an exact piece.

If she wears a lot of silver or gold in particular, it may be best to stick with her existing color palette. New jewelry is best enjoyed when it is easily matched to older pieces. You can match existing necklaces, or try to find something in a similar style that is significantly different from what she owns now so that it fills a wardrobe gap.

If you are looking at necklaces even a few weeks before the event, you have a much better chance of finding what you want, and getting the personal touches that you want to be added. A popular touch is gift wrapping, whether you have the store wrap it or you purchase a velvet box for your necklace to be presented in.

A great tip is to purchase the matching earrings, bracelet, or ring to the necklace you choose so that you have a great gift for next time. That way you can give her a necklace just because you love her, and earrings for her birthday that complete the set.

At Clean Origin, we produce necklaces that have gorgeous diamonds without the price tag by cutting out unethical labor practices. You can give your girlfriend a gift that is made with love for the earth, and the people who live on it with the comfort of knowing that it is also a quality piece of jewelry.

When you buy well, you are buying a piece that will last your girlfriend a lifetime without any consumer guilt. No need to worry about whether your purchase came at a greater cost when you opt for lab-grown diamond jewelry.

For these events, if you choose to buy jewelry, it is preferable to choose a necklace, an earring or a bracelet and give extra thought on the design (more on this on Symbols, Designs, and Meaning below).

When making your selection, think about how the jewelry will look on your partner. Basically, its size should be in proportion to her physique. A grand ring will dwarf a small finger. A large earring on a small ear will make the ear look even smaller. Disproportions will only cause discomfort to the wearer however beautiful your present may be.

This obviously has its many benefits. First and foremost, you will have the entire world of jewelry at your fingertips. This gives you the chance to compare and contrast price and quality and narrow down your search. The downside is that this exhaustive range of choices can cause decision fatigue and confusion making it more difficult to make a selection.

Another benefit of online shopping is that there are no pushy salespeople to influence your choice or breathe down your neck. Instead some sites offer 24/7 chat services where you can ask all your questions. Often, the online customer service is excellent and there is lots of support.

Online jewelry giants such as James Allen allow you the opportunity to design your own jewelry. Without having to even leave your room, you can choose your item and have it gift wrapped and sent straight to your loved one.

Shopping at a physical store comes with the benefit of being able to see the product before you buy. For some of us, having an overly attentive salesperson can be an advantage as it can take some of the hassle out of the job. They may be able to provide you with options or suggestions as to what your girlfriend may prefer and this can help in taking some of the guesswork out of the task. Returns will also be quick and easy.

If you're an experienced jewelry buyer or wearer, you can probably skip this section. But if you don't have experience buying jewelry, you'll want to read this before you start the process of buying necklaces for her.

From strands of pearls to lengthy chains to statement pieces, there a wide variety of necklace styles to choose from. Before you start deciding which one is right for the lady in your life, you need to understand the differences.

A statement necklace is usually one with large stones, diamonds, or other accents. It hangs at a mid-length; it isn't as short as a choker, but also isn't lengthy like a chain or a necklace designed for layering.

A necklace designed for layering is another great gift choice. These are long, often thin and delicate necklaces. They may have a few beads, diamonds, or other accents scattered throughout the length.

Another style of necklace that makes a nice gift is a pendant. A pendant necklace features a chain with a single pendant hanging loosely from it. The pendant could contain any kind of stone, gem, or other accents. The actual chain that the pendant is on can be a variety of lengths.

But if you're simply looking for a gift that says you care, something she can wear every day might be a better choice. Don't underestimate the simple gift though. If you put thought into choosing the right necklaces for her, she'll always remember the moment, no matter how small.

A woman who has a very minimalistic style might not get much use out of a flashy, colorful necklace. But a woman with a wardrobe that's packed with color and exciting patterns might not appreciate a subtle necklace that gets easily overwhelmed by their outfit.

If you aren't sure what her style is, and you have some time before you need to buy your gift, you're in luck. Paying attention to how she dresses, as well as what type of jewelry she already owns and wears, can help you get a better idea of her style.

If you're a man and aren't familiar with jewelry types and trends, or even a woman who doesn't wear jewelry often, there are a few key details that you can look for to make your search for the right gift easier.

If the lady that you're buying for is wearing necklaces, does she tend to wear ones with large pendants, colorful beads, or lots of bling? Or does she prefer smaller, more subtle pieces that hand shorter around her neck?

Large or brightly colored earrings and bracelets indicate that she doesn't mind taking risks and standing out with her fashion choices. If you notice that she favors these pieces, you should shop for bold necklaces with pops of color or large focal points.

When buying necklaces for her, it can be tempting to choose something big and flashy. But don't assume that you need to make a statement with your gift in order for it to be a big hit with the lady in your life.

If you're celebrating a very special occasion, like an anniversary or an important birthday, then a sparkly, expensive necklace might be a great choice. But for other occasions, consider something she can wear every day.

A great necklace needs great earrings and a statement bracelet to match. Buying a necklace that you will later be able to find earrings and a bracelet or two to match will give you a few easy future gifts.

Now that you know these tips, its time to start shopping for the perfect necklaces for her. Before you plan a visit to the mall where you'll overpay or a jewelry store with the same boring collection of pieces, why not try something different?

Taking care of the relationships in your life is essential. One of the most important relationships you should always cherish is between you and your girlfriend - if you see a future where you live a happy life together, that is. And although it might not always be clear what you should do to keep your partner happy, gifting her with a present is always a guaranteed way to delight her day and strengthen your bond.

When thinking about all the different gift options she might like, there is one clear winner that dominates the world, and it's jewelry. Out of all different types of jewelry, however, necklaces specifically are among the favorite gifts to give globally for many reasons. Firstly, necklaces are almost always the right size, they are quite small and easy to wear daily, and the different design options can hold immense symbolism and meaning. Furthermore, almost every woman can appreciate a necklace her boyfriend has selected specifically for her, ending up wearing the gifted necklace as part of their daily accessories.

It is no secret that a necklace is among the best and most wanted gifts in the world. Every woman wants a meaningful necklace from their boyfriend, and every man can appreciate the freedom to choose almost any design without having to worry whether the size will be correct or not. The last, and perhaps the most difficult, part is selecting a necklace design that best compliments your girlfriend.

To help you find one that best suits her style, we have assembled a list of the most loved and popular necklaces for your girlfriend. You can be sure each necklace on this list flatters her looks and brings out her natural beauty. So, if you're looking to impress her with a beautiful, meaningful necklace, this list is the best place to start.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? If you are very picky and want your girlfriend to only have the absolute best, make sure to check out our full selection of meaningful necklaces. We also offer one of the largest necklace selections in the world. So, whether you are searching for a specific necklace or just want to scroll through some gorgeous designs, you should take advantage of our full necklace collection, where we feature a vast selection of different necklace styles for women! 041b061a72


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