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Vasiliy Sobolev

Kontakt Library Torrent

2nd empire by 2nd empire serves up atmospheric textures and grooves that can be used on your next big adventure. from the distorted bell sounds to the synthesized strings and beautiful warbly noises, this library is sure to take you on a journey to a cool new place. there are lots of different ambiences and textures here, but most importantly the sample sounds use the kontakt engine meaning theyll be compatible with all your existing rigs. the sample sounds themselves can be removed or replaced and there are multiple sample packs in the zip for you to try and pick your favorites.

Kontakt library torrent

kontakt patch allows you to play kontakt instruments on logic, apple music and rtas, im currently working on version 2.0, as well as support for protools, nnxt and ableton live. here is a link to the trial version.

notable effects programmer andy duncan puts his signature spin on the orchstrumm effect with this great library of synthesised percussive ripples. featuring sounds from his string/brass section and effects racks over the years, all of these samples complement his gearbox effect for acting like the sonic equivalent of a tilt-shifter. it wont blow your mind, but its good in a late-night, pensive cinematic way. and its up for free to download if youd like to recreate the sounds yourself.

formerly known as the kontakt library of presets, this set now contains audio stems of 13 beats/rhythms, each of which has four different variations. built on the work of georgia, created using the new kontakt instruments and loaded with over 250 factory presets, authentic hip hop beats such as jazz/pop, drum n bass and electronic beats are included. the 1.1 version of this library includes extra beats, sampler songs, drum patterns and one instrument. its not free but is $14.95 in the native instruments store. donnie ugle adds some bass in a similar vein, so check it out if youd like a quality collection of hip hop and bass beats. i heard that many producers use this library and the more packs and presets they included the bigger the hit.


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