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Tai Quan Zhen Jiu Zhou In Hindi Download

Traditional Chinese medical science suggests that consciousness disorders are caused by a disruption of Yin and Yang, which results in blocking of blood and Qi and causes brain dystrophy. Unconsciousness usually involves syndrome of block or syndrome of collapse. Syndrome of block is characterized by unconsciousness, trismus, clasped hands, red face, rough breathing, and other features. In general, the syndrome of block, such as heat-toxin, phlegm, internal wind, and stasis, leads to an imbalance of Yin and Yang and unconsciousness. Syndrome of collapse has the characteristics of unconsciousness, cold limbs, sweating, closed eyes, opened mouth, snoring, opened hands, and urinary incontinence. Syndrome of collapse includes blood and Qi depletion, Yin and Yang failure, incompatible maintainability, and orifice dystrophies (Wang & Dong, 2007; He et al., 2005). The consciousness strategies in this article use Twelve Well points connecting the meridian Qi of three yins and three yangs. The Governor Vessel is the head of all yang meridians. Eding zone and Renzhong can be used to regulate the Governor Vessel and release the Qi of yang hyperactivity. Liver meridian intersects at the parietal. Eding and Dingnie zones can be used to regulate the meridian Qi of the liver and gall bladder and to extinguish wind and subdue yang. Thus, this strategy can pacify the liver to extinguish wind, regulate Yin and Yang, and promote consciousness (Yang, 1601). In the procedure of freeing meridians, Eding zone, Dingnie zone, and Fengchi pacify the liver and subdue Yang. Quchi and Hegu are the He point and Yuan point of the large intestine meridian, Quchi is not restricted to one place, and Hegu can rise and spread. These two points work together to regulate the meridian Qi and promote blood flow and are therefore able to cure paralyzed upper limb. Zusanli raises Yang and stimulates the stomach to increase Yang. Sanyinjiao strengthens the spleen and Yin blood. Yanglinquan, the point of conjunction of the sinews, relaxes sinews and benefits joints. The combination of three points tonifies Qi and replenishes blood, dispels wind, and dredges collaterals, thus curing paralyzed lower limb (Dai, 1978). The Nao-sanzhen can provide pulp and stimulate the brain to resolve blindness (Yuan & Luo, 2004).

Tai Quan Zhen Jiu Zhou In Hindi Download

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