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Ink Master - Season 08 \/\/FREE\\\\

Ink Master: Peck vs Nuñez is the eighth season of the tattoo reality competition Ink Master that premiered on August 23 and concluded on December 6, 2016, on Spike with 16 episodes. The show is hosted and judged by Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, with accomplished tattoo artists Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck serving as series regular judges. The winner will receive a $100,000 prize, a feature in Inked Magazine, a Dodge Charger, a guest spot at their respective team captain's shop (Oliver Peck's Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas or Chris Nuñez's Handcrafted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) and the title of Ink Master.

Ink Master - Season 08

The premise of this season was Núñez and Peck going head-to-head for the first time in Ink Master history where thirty artists battled for a spot on either team, with both teams consisting of nine artists each. The first seven episodes featured each team battling their own members in an elimination-style competition for a spot in the top ten. Then, the top five artists on Team Núñez battled Team Peck's top five artists.

The first episode introduces 30 contestants who competed in a two-part elimination tattoo marathon with each part narrowing down to 26 and 22 artists respectively. Nuñez and Peck then picked the first five artists to be on their respective team. The remaining 12 artists competed again to earn a spot on Team Nuñez or Team Peck. The official 18 artists for this season were split into two teams of 9 artists.

Identical Twin brothers, Ryan and Matthew Murray co-owners of The Black Veil Studio of Tattoo and Art (Black Veil Studio) in Beverly, Massachusetts made their reality show debut on the eighth season of the popular, Spike TV reality show Ink Masters which premiered August 23, 2016.

Ink Master is a reality competition television series on Spike TV, where contestants are judged on their tattooing ability. This year saw the 8th round of the competition and the live season finale ran last week, on Tuesday December 6th, 2016.

Ink Master judges Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez are known for being tough on contestants, but season eight was different. Peck and Nunez formed teams in order to compete with each other. The result was a softer side of the judges, who aided their team members throughout the competition. But as mentioned, that wasn't the only help that some of the cast members received.

"I think Gian killed it all season," Kelly said. "He hasn't been in the bottom. He's just so good and he's such a clean tattooer. And then Ryan worked her butt off. She's so creative, everything that she does she's able to put a Ryan twist on, and that's a pretty exceptional talent as a tattooer ... also I really like that Kelly individual. I'm really pulling for her as it turns out."

Spoilers! Well that was all quite a ride. This is my 24-hour master canvas that I did for last nights @spikeinkmaster #inklive finale. I'm really proud of it and my only regret is that I didn't get the chance to show everyone. But I want to thank Caleb, my master canvas, for sitting through a grueling 24 hours and letting me do this on him! And I want to thank the AMAZING and rowdy crowd last night for being so supportive! I've never experienced anything like that before, and as kind of a weirdo, it meant everything to me. The amount of support from my friends and heroes and family (which are often one and the same) has been beyond amazing and I really don't have the words for it. I just don't. And to @ryanashleymalarkey and @giankarle, there's no one more deserving to be up there. You're both some of the hardest working most genuine people I've gotten to meet and you have earned everything good that comes from this. I'm so happy for both of you, and very excited for @ryanashleymalarkey and the incredible accomplishment she's achieved! Final note: I appreciate everyone's support more than you know but please remember we don't need to tear others down to build ourselves up. Thank you all again. And thank you so much to @spikeinkmaster and @davenavarro @oliverpecker and my captain @chrisnunezhandcrafted for this surreal opportunity! #inkmaster #inkmasterseason8

When Ink Master debuted in 2012, the competition-based reality show format had already been well established by other shows. But Ink Master successfully applied that format to the world of tattoo artists, creating a fun and drama-filled show. While the show was initially canceled after 13 seasons, Deadline has reported that Paramount+ will revive the show in the near future.

While it is unknown if this revival will involve a format change or new judges, the show has already undergone a number of changes throughout its history. The series has never been afraid to try something new and shake up the format by introducing new challenges and themes, resulting in many unique seasons, with some more successful than others.

In an attempt to find more ways to reinvent the show's format, season 8 was titled Ink Master: Peck vs Nuñez and divided the contestants into two teams coached by either Oliver Peck or Chris Nuñez. The winning contestant, fan-favorite Ryan Ashley, received a guest spot at her coach's tattoo shop.

The theme for the season is a good idea, but the show does not fully commit to it and would find more success with other, better-executed themes. While it is the lowest-rated season of the show, it is far from a bad batch of episodes and still provides some great moments like the Electricity Challenge, considered one of the most difficult Flash Challenges on Ink Master.

In an attempt to synthesize the themes of previous seasons, Ink Master: Shop Wars featured teams of two from various tattoo shops competing against each other in a tag-team style competition with some of the teams made up of new contestants and some made up of returning veterans.

There is a lot going on in regards to theming and it gets a little muddled. Mixing the shop teams with returning veterans is unnecessarily convoluted and the season could have just focused on delivering on its premise of competing tattoo shops.

Continuing with the team format, season 12 was known as Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes and saw the contestants split into two teams based on gender. The teams were coached by returning veterans Ryan Ashley and DJ Tambe.

Many of the previous seasons had been predominantly focused on male contestants, with Ryan Ashley as the only previous female winner, so watching the female team dominant this season and claim the victory was a refreshing change of pace for the show.

Season 5 shook up the format of the show and introduced the concept of themed seasons, a trend that the show would continue to incorporate into future seasons. This season was branded Ink Master: Rivals and pitted rival tattoo artists against one another.

Season 4 mostly adhered to the familiar format established in the first three seasons and continued to feature new and returning challenges. One of the highlights is an episode in which Hugh Jackman guest judges X-Men tattoos. As a Guinness World record holder for superhero movie appearances, Jackman is the perfect judge and fun guest appearance.

Season 4 was the last season before the show moved to brand each season as a specific theme. As a result, it does not feel quite as new as the first three seasons nor as inventive as the following seasons that had their own spin. While it's still entertaining and dramatic, the show is at this point not as unique or fresh as the three previous iterations.

Subtitled Ink Master: Master vs. Apprentice, season 6 saw masters and their apprentices compete with and against each other. The show also increased the prize package by gifting a new car to the top artist, giving an extra incentive for winning. Like season 5, bringing contestants with history on the show led to more fighting and drama than other seasons. It is a fun season that takes the twist from season 5 and continues to improve upon it.

Season 13, Ink Master: Turf War, found yet another way to divide contestants into teams, this time splitting up the artists by geographical region with a returning veteran coaching each of the different regions. Unfortunately, this season was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic before the live finale occurred, resulting in the season concluding without crowning a champion.

Ink Master: Turf War was on its way to being one of the better seasons in the show's history before it abruptly ended. While the conclusion is somewhat disappointing, the season is still an enjoyable new angle on the show's now-tired format.

Season 10, Ink Master: Return of the Masters, revisited the concept of teams introduced in season 8, but this time, the teams were coached by previous Ink Master champions. The season also had the coaches competing against each other, ending with a Master Face-Off during the finale.

Ink Master: Return of the Masters was a much better execution of the team concept than season 8. By bringing in coaches who were recognizable fan-favorites and allowing them to focus on coaching, the show finally successfully delivered on the central premise of amateur artists getting advice and learning from experienced tattoo masters.

Following up on the success of the team format in season 10, Ink Master: Grudge Match - Cleen vs. Christian once again divided the contestants into competing teams. This time, the teams were coached by returning veterans and rivals Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham, both of whom are among the most talented contestants on Ink Master.

Season 11 successfully brings back all of the elements that worked in season 10 and adds the extra dimension of the bad blood between Cleen and Christian. The two coaches help make this one of the most dramatic and conflict-filled seasons in the show's history.

Season 2 brought back the judges to preside over a new group of contestants who competed in challenges such as carving an image into a rifle butt, blending women into the side of a building, and shaving designs into people's heads, in addition to many of the same tattoo categories from season 1. 041b061a72


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