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Santiago Baker

Totto Chan Novel 'LINK' Download Pdf

This study aims to gain a deep understanding of educational values in the novel Madogiwa No Totto-chan by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi with a qualitative approach that includes educational values in terms of the structure of the novel. Research methods. This study is a library research that uses a qualitative approach with content analysis. Conclusion of research findings: The main theme of this novel is Education; education which allows students to be creative; while the sub-theme is that education must be adapted to the child's personality development. The messages found are: A mother must be wise in educating and nurturing children with special needs. A school principal or a teacher should be a leader who dares to act in accordance with their beliefs and principles of life. Educational values in this novel can be used as learning examples in schools to help children who have problems (with special needs). An educator should be cheerful and not be angry to his students; because educating children is not with anger but with advice; praise; and trust. The purpose is to make children confident; responsible; to love one another; and help each other; and to introduce them to nature as nature is source of knowledge. Educational values found are values related to the religious education values; moral education values; social education values; and artistic values. Recommendation: The autobiographical novel Madogiwa No Totto-chan (Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window) can be utilised as a medium of character education in Indonesian schools; for this Japanese novel highlight educational values that encompasses several noble values. One such noble values is the educational value in the novel that summarises the realities of everyday lives of Japanese people.

Totto Chan Novel Download Pdf


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