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Blue Bunny Red Velvet Ice Cream Where To Buy

It looks more like strawberry ice cream that someone put one to many a drop of Red #40 in.I think red velvet cake should just be left to flour form. Are these ice creams even incorporating the hint of cocoa powder- the key to a superb red velvet cake?

blue bunny red velvet ice cream where to buy

@Anon: I'm glad you liked it, but a little elaboration would be nice (otherwise it just sounds like your mad I didnt like it)@Michele: HA! can't argue with that!@Michelle: I can't say I remember being annoyed by the aftertaste, but when hitting flavors like red velvet and cream cheese, there's bound to be something.

Perhaps the greatest ice cream flavor to come along in the last 10 years! The color and flavor are EXACTLY on target for red velvet: a mild cocoa taste (but not chocolate). B&Js version, on the other hand: no cocoa in the ingredients. Therefore it's not red velvet! Mr. Marty Ice Cream

Dubba you know you and I seem to have opposite tastes, so no shock I just had some and loved it! Way better than B&J' the cakey pieces, and I could taste the difference b/t the cream cheese and red velvet ice creams..Not too cheesy, and no after taste I could decipher. Waay better than Duff's Triple Chocolate..can't wait to find the other two flavors to try!

I agree with you. This flavor is a weird one. Once I opened the carton and saw the appearance of this ice cream I was surprised by how much this reminded me of Halloween makeup in terms of color and texture, with the reddish brown color reminding me of fake blood while the white reminding me of the white makeup for the faces of draculas or vampires. The texture however was not as dense as solid as makeup though; instead it was extremely smooth, fluffy, and foamy, very similiar to the texture of Yoplait's Whips yogurt or whipped cream.But taste is what matters the most. I am not sure how to describe this flavor; it's strange. I have never had Red Velvet cake before but if I could imagine how the batter tasted before being baked then this is the flavor I would imagine it be. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It's a nice break from vanilla or chocolate. I absolutely enjoyed the pieces of cake and they largely enhanced this flavor, taking it to another level. I just wish there were more of them. Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake is one of my all-time favorite ice creams that I have ever had, so I was excited to compare these 2 flavors. Where B&J's version tastes like regular sweet cream ice cream and red velvet cake mixed together, Blue Bunny's version tastes like Red Velvet cake better and cake mixed together, with Blue Bunny's version have a stronger red velvet flavor. I still prefer B&J's version as I was impressed and hooked from the first scoop to the last scoop. Even when I finished the pint in 3 days I still wanted more. With Blue Bunny, however, I was not impressed or hooked. It was good for a night stand. Nonetheless, I would buy Blue Bunny's Red Velvet version again but only if I wanted something very different - something other than vanilla, chocolate, or ben and jerry's - and unique. The cake pieces are definitely worth it.

Anyone who's ever tasted wild Maine blueberries knows that they're on a different level altogether than the conventional supermarket variety. For a gloriously short time in 1992 and '93, Ben & Jerry's somehow managed to translate their flavors into this irresistible ice cream.

Debuting later this month, the flavors include Chocolate Lovers Triple Chocolate Cake (chocolate ice cream with fudge cake chunks and chocolate frosting swirl), Strawberries are Forever Shortcake (strawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces, pound cake chunks and a whipped cream frosting swirl), I Do I Do Wedding Cake (buttercream frosting-flavored ice cream with white cake chunks and a raspberry sauce swirl), and Red Carpet Red Velvet (red velvet-flavored ice cream mixed with cream cheese frosting flavored ice cream and red velvet cake chunks). 041b061a72


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