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Angry Birds Seasons Back To School Game

The first image in the Mac App Store (the app, not the webpage -birds-seasons/id476312611?mt=12) about Angry Birds Seasons, I see that the image shows the current loading screen, but the image shows the Piglantis Logo, not the Back to School one. Another Rovio Error?

Angry Birds Seasons Back to School Game


Angry Birds Seasons (formerly Angry Birds Halloween) is the second puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed by Rovio Entertainment. Based on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons was released for devices using Apple's iOS in October 2010 and then it was released on other platforms starting in December 2010. There have been no new releases since the release of Ragnahog on December 1, 2016 and it was removed from App Store and Google Play in 2019 with all other Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers except for Angry Birds Friends. However, Bad Piggies was added back in 2020.

Just as in the original Angry Birds, players use a slingshot to launch an assortment of birds at nearby structures, with the intent of hitting targets located on or within them. The main targets are the pigs, and they can be defeated if directly fired at, or through other strategies, e.g.: the bird hits a structure that falls on the pig, defeating it. Small sized pigs are weak and easily defeated, while bigger pigs can sustain more damage. Each level pack represents a different "season", often based upon different themes and holidays. Different level packs have each unique theme and sometimes much different gameplay.

The fifth season began in July 2014 with an third summer-themed episode, South Hamerica and Pig Days, an episode that has weekly unlocked levels. With this update, the seasons were renamed showing the release year, such as "Season 2011". On October 9, 2014, the game has been updated with "Ham Dunk", in celebration of the NBA Championships. On October 27, 2014, the Visit Finland Twitter account unveiled an image displaying Terence swimming on a pool along a similar looking bird, colored blue, named "Tony the Blue", and the title "On Finn Ice", which is the fifth Christmas episode. The tweet also referred to the Finnish band Apocalyptica, who play the theme music for that episode. With this update, the episodes were arranged to the year they were released, not as it was previously; the "Winter Wonderham" episode, which was in the fourth season, was moved to the third season, as the episode was released in 2012.

Stella was the main character of her own series, she was 1st introduced bird in Angry Birds Stella. The game was introduced in early 2014, where Rovio began teasing newer birds until they revealed that Stella would receive her own game along with her friends. The game begins when Gale orders the pigs to break into Stella's house to steal her scrapbook, which causes Stella and her friends to fight through each level of pigs to chase after Gale.

When Angry Birds 2 first launched, it was stated by Rovio that Stella chose to "sit out" of the game, along with Hal and Bubbles. She could be used as a player icon in the tournament in her Stella animation form, but other than that she made no other appearances in the game. Stella is an Extra Bird in Angry Birds 2 who was added in the game on October 17, 2018, and became available to use on October 19. She is usually sleeping but can be woken up to be usable for four hours and occupy an extra eight spot in Red's flock. Once the four hours are up, Stella goes back to sleep, and the player must wait twelve hours before they can wake her up again.

Angry Birds is an artillery simulator/Puzzle Game created by Finnish video game developer Rovio Entertainmentnote Originally known as Relude from 2003 to 2005 and Rovio Mobile from 2005 to 2011 in 2009. The premise of the game is that evil, egg-munching pigs have raided the nests of birds who will get their eggs back, whatever it takes. Said egg retrieving involves launching the birds from a slingshot at the pigs, who are protected behind elaborate obstacles of wood, ice and stone. It's a simple concept, but the execution is often anything but easy. The first game was released on December 11, 2009.

The Puzzle Game aspect (and the game's main source of difficulty) revolves around the best use of the available birds in each level to collapse the obstacles onto the pigs, as all the pigs have to be taken out to win a level. One to three stars are awarded when you clear a level, with a minimum score needing to be reached to earn all three. Scoring per level is based on pigs killed,note 5000 points per pig damage done to the obstacles, and the number of birds left over at the end of the level.note 10000 points per bird Achievements can also be earned for finishing episodes, three-starring all levels in an episode, scoring a certain number of points in an episode, and other things. Each episode also includes a number of hidden Golden Eggs which, when found, open bonus levels.

Originally released for smartphonesnote iOS, Android, Symbian, WebOS, Windows Phone, the game is now available for play on tablet computers, e-readers, the Google Chrome web browser, as a PlayStation Minis app note playable on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, and on Facebook. Wii, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS have collections released for them on disc/cartridge. As of November 2011, Angry Birds, in all its incarnations, across all platforms, has been downloaded 500 million times. The only game with distribution figures that come close to this mark is Tetrisnote 35mil via Game Boy; 100mil via phone. However, this is for copies sold, and only on those two platforms; there are no figures for PC, nor for pirated or shareware versions. It's even been parodied on an Israeli sketch comedy show, which used the endless conflict between the birds and the pigs as a metaphor for the Arab–Israeli Conflict.

In the original game, there are wingless semi-anthropomorphic birds that the player uses a slingshot to launch them at quasi-anthropomorphic pigs that are on or in different structures. The player has to destroy all the pigs on the map to unlock another level. A spin-off game, in which you play as the pigs, was also released called Bad Piggies on September 27, 2012.[1]

Rovio Mobile has supported their games with many free updates that add more features and levels. There are seven themed groups of levels. Every group has a simple story, the pigs stole the birds' eggs so they try to get them back.The birds eventually get the eggs back in every part.

From December 2009 to November 2011 people downloaded more than 500 million copies of this game. It is the number one game in 79 countries. People played 266 billion levels and shot 400 billion birds. They played 200,000 years of Angry Birds in total and 300 million minutes daily.[2]

Angry Birds Toons, a TV series based on the game, made its debut on March 16, 2013. Angry Birds Toons is released through third-party video distribution platforms, including Comcast's Xfinity On-Demand in the US, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku set-top boxes. It is also available in a number of countries on traditional television broadcasts. Angry Birds Toons is available on mobile devices by an additional Angry Birds Toons channel on all of the Angry Birds apps homescreens. The DVD version for the TV series was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The series has a total of 3 seasons. There were also other television series, such as Piggy Tales.

The cute new bird, known simply as "Pink Bird," will be debuting in a forthcoming update for the game. There's no word yet as to when the update will be released, but Angry Birds fans shouldn't have to wait too much longer. Rovio promised it will be coming around the back-to-school timeframe. 350c69d7ab


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