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Colt Serial Number Archive Music

Without serial number tracking you would likely need to recall every one of your products at an extraordinary cost. But with a proper serial number tracking system? Despite all of your products being effectively identical, you use the serial numbers on the returned items to find they came from the same factory. Moreover, the numbers show that all were made in the same production run: you isolate the production runs that used the faulty widget and issue a product recall that affects hundreds, rather than thousands of products.

colt serial number archive music

After-sales service, warranties and repairs can be dramatically improved if serial number tracking is in place. Especially with complex products with multiple components, such as cars or consumer electronics.

Another excellent post-sales use for serial number tracking is the protection it can provide your customers in the case of theft. A high value item that is stolen and then recovered by police can be definitively linked back to its original owner and returned (and the theft proven) if the serial number is provided when the theft is reported.

In addition to grave problems surrounding the lack of regulation of corporate manufacturing of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories, there exists an entire segment of the firearms industry that operates with even less oversight than traditional manufacturers: homemade firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories makers. There is a robust online community of amateur gun-makers offering tips and tricks for making guns at home and selling kits to allow people to do so that often come very close to the line of what is legally permissible.167 There are two primary concerns related to homemade firearms and accessories: First, these guns and accessories are often made using parts that can be purchased without a background check, creating an easy avenue for individuals prohibited from gun possession to evade that law and make guns at home. Second, homemade guns and accessories are often made with parts that are not required to include a serial number, rendering the finished firearm untraceable if it is later used in a crime.

Law enforcement has grown increasingly concerned about the proliferation of ghost guns. In 2019, District of Columbia police recovered 115 ghost guns, a 360 percent increase from 2018, when they recovered 25 ghost guns, and a 3,733 percent increase from 2017, when only three such firearms were recovered.189 In California, federal law enforcement reports that 30 percent of all guns recovered from crime scenes are blank, without a serial number, and are therefore untraceable.190 The untraceable nature of these weapons makes them highly desirable for firearm traffickers and criminal organizations. In 2015, the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman authorized the Organized Crime Task Force and the New York State Police to conduct Operation Ghostbusters, focused on identifying a ghost guns trafficking ring.191 The outcome resulted in officers discovering a ghost gun construction operation that built fully functional firearms using unfinished receivers and firearm parts and then transferred them to firearm traffickers.192 The two men responsible for the ghost gun operation received sentences of nine and 11 years, respectively, for the criminal sale of firearms in the first degree, among other charges.193 In 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department and ATF conducted an operation that found criminal organizations were relying on building arsenals using homemade firearm kits.194 In addition, a new spike in online purchasing of ghost gun kits was reported when much of the country was staying at home during the onset of the coronavirus crisis as part of a larger surge in gun buying during this period.195

The combination of an outdated law and legal interpretation by ATF has resulted in the development of a substantial subset of the consumer gun industry producing, marketing, and selling nearly finished firearm receivers and frames that can be turned into fully functional guns by individuals at home with basic tools and no specialized knowledge or skills. Unfinished receivers pose the same risk to public safety as completed firearms and should therefore be treated the same under the law. ATF should commence a rulemaking process to update the regulations to clarify that unfinished receivers should be treated the same under the law as fully functional firearms for purposes of serial numbers and background checks. In December 2019, Everytown for Gun Safety filed a petition requesting this rulemaking,332 and in a May 2020 interview, former Acting Director of ATF Thomas Brandon revealed that he pursued efforts to reclassify some gun-making kits as firearms but was unable to make significant progress prior to his retirement.333 In addition, Congress should enact legislation making this change to further reduce the risks of homemade guns, such as legislation that has been introduced by Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY)334 and Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI).335 These requirements should also apply to firearm receivers and frames manufactured using a 3D printer.

Recruitment Methods and Study Sites The study coordinator or investigators at The Brooklyn Hospital will approach all patients at the time of registration for colonoscopy. The coordinator will explain the study briefly and if agreeable will be given an iPad with a prerecorded video explaining the study in detail. After informed consent, patients will be randomized to either the control group (no music) or music group via a sealed envelope. A sealed envelope will delineate the particular group the patient will be randomized to. Once randomized, both groups will fill out a State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) form to determine the baseline anxiety stress levels (Appendix A). This will be followed by a brief form (Appendix B) that will determine the type and number of procedures performed in the past. The forms will be administered in English, Spanish and Polish. Spanish and Polish translation will be provided using telephone medical translation services at The Brooklyn Hospital Center.


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