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Buy Inkwell !!EXCLUSIVE!!

This elegant inkwell made from glass and hand crafted nickel silver has an ornate hinged cap and gives you the possibility to engrave a name on the front, making it an ideal gift. Made in Italy by Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica.

buy inkwell

This elegant inkwell made from glass and hand crafted nickel silver has an ornate hinged cap. The front of the bottle gives you the possibility to engrave a name, making it an ideal gift. Conceived by Bortoletti's master jewellers, this wonderful inkwell will make a beautiful addition to your writing desk or calligraphy set.

The history of the Inkwell dates back to the Egyptians. In fact, they were the first to use wooden tablets, where two colour trays were dug: one holding black ink and the other red ink. The Romans, on the other hand, used actual jars, which were often lavishly decorated. It was only in the Middle Ages, however, that the art of the inkwell took hold; notably, they became increasingly refined and precious items. On the contrary, in the 19th century we witness the decline of the Inkwell: in the United States, in fact, it was devised a way to house the ink directly inside the pen, thus the Fountain Pen was born.

This exclusive inkwell charmed not only by the beautiful look, it goes back to the ancient history of the first century after Christ, exudes a nostalgic atmosphere and recalls the former art of writing.

The pretty inkwell is made entirely from natural red clay and fired tight for an impermeable surface and glazed from the inside. The nostalgic inkwell wears the Latin name Atramentarium and comes from the Roman Empire. This high quality product from the ForumTraiani is manufactured according to the old model and is a jewel by the special design.

According to the traditional model of this pretty inkwell with two holes is provided on the top. The small hole at the served Atramentarium as a holder for spring or write pipe, thereby superfluous ink was wonderful flow back into the barrel. About the larger hole, the writing ink was removed. This was sealed with a cork or a simple cloth. This ensures that the ink does not dry out the inside of the inkwell.

This high-quality terra sigillata inkwell is an eye-catcher in your classroom if you want your students bring near the ancient history and the art of writing to the Roman. Through careful preparation and the robust material but you can use wonderful for home use this clay pot. On your desk there is - at best in combination with a nice Writing feather - especially attractive. 041b061a72

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