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Bidadari Terakhir Film Indonesia Downloadgolkes

Bidadari Terakhir: A Film Adapted from a Novel by Agnes Davonar

Bidadari Terakhir (The Last Angel) is a drama film from Indonesia that was released on September 10, 2015. The film stars Maxime Bouttier, Whulandary Herman, and Stella Cornelia. It is adapted from a novel of the same title by Agnes Davonar, which was inspired by a true story of a high school student who fell in love with a commercial sex worker.


Rasya (Maxime Bouttier) is a diligent student who follows the path and plan laid out by his father, Tama, a successful career official. Anything that is outside of his father's grand plan is not a priority, and because of that he keeps avoiding the approach of Maria (Stella Cornelia), his junior who likes him. One day, Hendra, Rasya's friend, drags him to a brothel. While waiting for Hendra, he meets Eva (Whulandary Herman), one of the prostitutes there. Eva's frank and always "live for today" personality sparks Rasya's interest. The following days, Rasya deliberately visits just to chat with Eva.

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After graduating from high school, Rasya leaves all his plans behind. He wants, at least for a while, to live for today. He will wander, broaden his horizons, and try to find his own way. He also feels sorry for Eva who has no money to pay for her mother's critical treatment and is forced to become a night butterfly. Rasya works hard to collect money to help Eva's mother recover. Rasya also pulls Eva out of the valley of disgrace and finds her a more humane job. When love begins to weave beautifully, Eva has to face the reality that she has a disease as a result of her dark past. She decides to leave until the last moment they meet at the end of their breath.


  • Maxime Bouttier as Rasya

  • Whulandary Herman as Eva

  • Stella Cornelia as Maria

  • Meirayni Fauziah as Angel

  • Ayu Dyah Pasha as Haslinda

  • Ikang Fawzi as Tama

  • Julian Jacob as Hendra

  • Monica Oemardi

  • Totos Rasiti


You can watch the trailer of Bidadari Terakhir on YouTube by clicking [here].

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