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Minecraft How To Install XRAY 1.14 (Texture Pack Versions)

Description:Vibrance (Chocapic13' Shaders Edit) is a LotR mod compatibility edit to Chocapic13's V6 Shaders. Apart from minor additions and compatibility tweaks to the code, all credit for the shaderpack goes to Chocapic13. The official Chocapic shaders can be found at -shaders. For installation instructions or other versions, check out the pack page.

Minecraft How To Install XRAY 1.14 (Texture Pack Versions)

If you plan on editing multiple resources, or to help ease of access, you may want to save a copy of the vanilla resources in an accessible location in case some things rely on other files within the directory. To do this, you need to navigate to the vanilla resources file by opening the versions folder inside the .minecraft directory. You should see a list of numbered folders, which correspond to versions that you've loaded or used in the past. Open the folder corresponding to the version you want for your resource pack (in this tutorial it would be 1.19) and extract the JAR file located inside, which can be done by right clicking the file and selecting a file archiver from the "Open With" option. You may want to save this in an accessible location for future reference, as certain tasks such as modifying block models require textures in addition to the model files. If you do not have a program that can open .jar files simply change the extension from .jar to .zip.

Minecraft xray texture pack 1.14 was created for single-player games. But lately, some players started to use it in multiplayer survival or PvP battles so almost every Big and advanced type of servers have banned this Texture pack but you can still use it some minor servers or in single-player mode. I will tell you now how you can download and install this in your system.

Way of downloading any Mod or Resource Pack or Texture pack might be different but installing any Texture pack in your System have the same way. Follow the following steps for downloading and installing Minecraft Xray texture pack 1.14.


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